“Ksss ksss”

“Wassup shortie”

“Talk to me cutie with a body”

Fight me on this one, but I hate it when people address me by my body or simply by what they see. “Aissh…vera sidika relax…bootylicious usikasirike” I appreciate that you have noticed my beauty, but I believe that there are better ways to complement it, catcalling is not one of them. It is barbaric, embarrassing and sometimes a little bit out of line.

I feel objectified; like and ornament whose worth lies within what meets the eye. I am more than what meets the eye. I am more than a beauty standard that the society worships and broadcasts in a way that makes other women feel lesser of themselves or want to alter who they are.

I am my sisters keeper. I am my sisters equal. I am my sisters friend.

Call me a ‘feminazi’ or whatever goes right by you, but by the end of the day what is wrong with playing on my own team? I shall not stand by and watch as the society makes it okay for women to be labelled for their curves or lack there of. I am not a fan of this woman liberalization campaign that locks the opposite gender out, but I have to be vocal about this one, maybe it will help women earn the respect that is way overdue.

Every time a woman stands up for herself …she stands up for all women

-Maya Angelou

I am not a bitch, do not call me bitch. I was not mothered by a dog. I am not a slut whore/hoe or any other slut shaming name hip-hop videos have encouraged you to call me.

I am beautiful…true…but I also have a name; mrembo is not my name neither is sweetie, slay-queen, light-skin, mresh, thunder thighs…SAY MY NAME.

I am tired of the society trying to imply that a woman only got a job because she has a pretty face or a beautiful body. Can’t a woman work up a career ladder? Or is it that less decorated job were made for women?? If a woman is at the top, then she has to have sold her body to get it. If a woman has a car, then she must have hawked her parts to get it. If a woman is too comfortable for the society then she can’t have worked for it, there has to be a grey haired man behind it. Lemme guess…our society is too paternal to accept that women can be successful without a hand out.

I am hardworking. I am persistent. I am patient. I am educated. I am smart. I am soulful. I have goals.

I am not a sexy woman. I am not a sex kitten. I do not randomly flirt with men or try to attract their attention in sensual ways, yet I have have been branded one simply because of my physique or the way I dress.

The most traumatic experience about being female is the fact that men think that they have rights to you. Do not touch me indecently. My body my property. You are not entitled to any part of my body no-matter how scanty I dress.

I do not deserve to be sexually abused. Do not say that my body is tempting, or my clothes are provocative. Do not say I look delicious. I am not a snack. If I could identify myself to an object,(now that we are playing ‘I spy’) it would be a candle…warm enough to melt your heart but if mishandled I could burn your house down. Do not let my body be the reason for your sin.

I am human. I have feelings. I have self respect. I am expression. I am freedom.

I am am not an attitude. I am not a blond. I am not PMS. I am not moody. I am not feisty or salty.

I have opinions…I will voice them and you shall not tell me that I am too loud or too angry or too emotional. I have beliefs and I shall stick by them. I shall not be called shy or uptight.

I shall have vengeance in my walk. I shall not pretend and hold back what I have to say. I shall not shut up. I will shout a little louder daily so that somebody will follow the sound of my voice. I shall not sit down and be humble. I shall stand with my head held a little higher daily. I shall however never forget that I am a woman and try to equate myself with a man for I deserve my own place as a woman.

I’m a grown woman I can do whatever I want

-Beyoncè Knowles

I shall want to be known as a strong woman, an intelligent woman, a courageous woman,a loving woman. A woman who teaches by being. So do not tell me to tone it down because standing for what I believe in makes me less attractive…I do not seek validation I seek to inspire.

A woman can be two things, whoever and whatever she wants to be

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  1. Irene says:

    I need not say more thumbs up for you girl always voice your opinions. By the way it was well said I support you. A woman is powerful.

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    1. njokimungai says:

      Thank you for reading


  2. njoki3 says:

    Great writting young lady.Keep it up the sky is the limit for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. njokimungai says:

      Thank you for reading


  3. Valencia says:

    So nice

    Liked by 1 person

  4. karis says:

    That’s my little toto congrats, it’s brilliant.

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  5. Carol says:

    Gooooosh😍.. so nice and powerful

    Liked by 1 person

    1. njokimungai says:

      Thank you for reading


  6. ianmwema07 says:

    Amazing,powerful words.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. njokimungai says:

      Thank you for reading


  7. Vincent says:

    Great article


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